Sunday, October 7, 2012

Turn, turn, turn


I love living in the land of four seasons.  The changes are worth it.  For those of you who miss true fall, take a walk with me.  A picture is worth 1000 words, so I will try not to intrude.

Here in Pennsylvania it starts with a crisp morning, with mist rising from  the valley below my ridge.  It will burn off as the sun does its job, but it is the first hint of change.


The early trees start changing out front, while most still think its summer.  It feels invigorating and anticipatory.  In short order the other trees wake up to fall, or should I say begin preparing for their winter’s sleep.

North Park Lake is near my home.  Built by the WPA during the depression, what was once a day trip destination in the distant countryside of Pittsburgh, it is now a beautiful haven for suburbanites like me.  On Thursday, fall was making its presence known, and it was one of those rare, still days when the lake was a perfect mirror.

The sky was a thin overcast and had much more depth in the lake than when I looked up.  The trees were a perfect mirror image.  My phone camera can’t do full justice to the lighting, and the color of the trees, but your mind can make the image more vivid.

The herons were warming in the morning sun.

The ducks made the only ripples, yet the beautiful reflections remained.  I had the sense they were getting ready, ready to leave.

Words are really not needed for the rest of the walk.  Just imagine a crisp slightly overcast morning, still and clear with occasional burst of sunlight.  Enjoy North Park Lake and a Western Pennsylvania fall morning.

There now.  Wasn’t that a great way to spend a morning.
Sometimes, change is so good.

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