Saturday, October 20, 2012

Via Madrid, part 2

Madrid is a fun place to walk. Early in the morning ( before 11) it is clean and empty. As it wakes up the action begins. Street performers are everywhere in the old city. They have imagination that sometimes makes up for a lack of talent.

During the day I encountered mime statues, talking heads, street clowns, giant bubble blowers, and friendly fellow travelers.

As darkness fell, the music began. It was a joyous way to hear the city at night. A Spanish group playing Hava Nagila of all things, a jazz/blues group sounding like they were on Jackson square.

All around were the people. There was a small group of demonstrators, a preacher shouting fire and brimstone.
One stretch a block from the police had hookers at every tree. In the whole city, they were almost the only thing that made me sad.

This city only begins to wake at a time when I usually head to bed. I look forward to my next Via here.

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